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We, Vision and Mission of the Hotel



Guarantee an excellent accommodation service with high quality, tranquility and security in a family environment;
with the purpose of providing well-being, comfort and good service to our guests to make them feel at home.


To be leaders in the tourism sector with sustainable facilities and innovative services, thus being the first
option in the market, promoting the enjoyment and care of the natural resources of the area, maximizing the
value of the company.

Business values

● Integrity: We are responsible for our actions and decisions, always doing the right thing
from ethics.
● Cooperation: We work as a team in everything we do, to achieve the objectives of
our company.
● Proactivity: We work with initiative and positivism in the development of creative actions,
to generate improvements.


Comfortable accommodations 3 meters from the sea, ecological and sustainable family atmosphere

Target audiences

Family, holiday tourism, business tourism