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What to do at the María Mulata Hotel

What to do at the María Mulata Hotel

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San Antero is a tourist destination with quiet white sand beaches, large expanses of mangrove swamps with a variety of flora and fauna species preserved by a local community committed to the environment; the most exquisite gastronomy with fresh seafood, handicrafts in totumo and fabrics, folklore, festivities, the kindness of its people, security, tranquility and easy access, for all the above, visitors who come with family, couples and groups of friends they live a comprehensive experience of sun and beach in the midst of the most exuberant nature.

Sightseeing tours through the mangroves, Cispata Bay and the Gulf of Morrosquillo

Daytime sightseeing tours through the mangroves, Isla Fuerte and the Gulf of Morrosquillo.

Recorridos en bote San Antero   

Ecotourism: From Alligator Hunters to Preservers. Visit to the CVS station.

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Sinú and San Jorge Valleys – CVS-, has led the implementation of a wildlife conservation strategy, based on the implementation of the Sustainable Tourism program, with emphasis on community ecotourism.

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National Donkey Festival.


Within the calendar of Colombian festivities, the Donkey Festival that takes place annually in San Antero Córdoba, is recognized as a tourist activity that involves the cultural, folkloric and religious idiosyncrasies of the Colombian Caribbean region.

The joy of the coastal people is experienced in the streets of Sananteran dressed in typical costumes, parades and comparsas of the different dance schools in the region, the meeting of writers, the music of the groups that liven up the event and of course the donkeys, animals who are the honorees at this party. The Donkey Festival is held every year during Holy Week.