This is one of the best beaches of the Colombia with white sand and quite clean ocean. Locate Morrosquillo Golf. Sorrounded by extensive well preserved mangla area.

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Located 80 kilometers from Monteria, among Lorica and Covenas arrived in San Antero, a tourist destination with white sandy beaches, vast mangrove with a variety of flora and fauna preserved by a local community committed to the environment; the most exquisite cuisine with fresh seafood, crafts and fabrics totumo, folklore, festivals, the friendliness of its people, security, tranquility and easy access for all of the above, visitors who come for families, couples and groups of friends living a holistic experience of sun and beach amidst the lush nature.

National Festival of the Donkey

cultura-san-anterocultura-san-antero-2Within the timeframe of Colombian festivals, Burro Festival, held each year in San Antero Córdoba, is recognized as a tourist activity that involves cultural, folkloric and religious idiosyncrasies of the Colombian Caribbean region.

The joy of the coastal town live in sananteranas streets clothed in traditional costumes, and parades of different dance schools in the region, the meeting of writers, music groups that enliven the event and of course donkeys, animals they are the honorees at this event. El Burro Festival is held every year during Holy Week.


Alligator hunters to preservatives. Community Ecotourism on the Season of CVS. Cispata Bay.

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Valleys of the Sinu and San Jorge - CVS-, has led the implementation of a strategy for wildlife conservation, based on the implementation of Sustainable Tourism program, with emphasis on community-based ecotourism.